Usage Guidelines for the Intellectual Property (IP) Assets of Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation

Usage Guidelines for the Intellectual Property (IP) Assets of Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation

Purpose and Scope:

Article 1: The purpose of this document is to regulate the usage principles of the IP assets of the Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation. (Here in after called as Foundation)

Article 2: The following terms apply to the usage of entire publications, materials in general, videos, public service ads, logos, Foundation web sites (global web site, micro websites embedded to the global web site and the other web sites of the Foundation), and the dissemination and communication tools and including but not limited to all other materials that are subject to intellectual property rights (trademarks, designs, patents etc.)

Article 3: Foundation trade name and trade mark as well as all domain names containing the Foundation’s trade name and trademarks are the sole and exclusive property of the Foundation with all rights reserved unless otherwise noted. The use of such tradename, trademarks, domain name and all other IP assets that are stated in Article 2 for commercial purposes, including for labelling purposes, without the written permission of the Foundation is strictly forbidden.

Usage for Commercial Purposes & Attribution

Article 4: Neither Foundation’s name nor its IP assets may be used for commercial or profitable purposes.

Article 5: Foundation must be attributed as follows:
- Text attribution: “Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation” (Sabri Ülker Foundation)
- Image attribution:
If a publication has been issued jointly with another organisations, the name of this organisation should be added to the attribution. Copyright notice or other notices contained in materials can not be removed.

Usage of Logo

Article 6: Foundation logo is the corporate identifier of the Organization. Its use is highly restricted and is prohibited without prior permission. Foundation reserves the right to request the immediate removal of its logo from unauthorized websites or products.

Hyperlink to the web site

Article 7: Foundation encourages users to establish hyperlinks to the Foundation website and prior permission is not required.

Specific Stipulations regarding Balanced Nutrition Project

Article 8 Balanced Nutrition Education Materials cannot be used without prior written consent and approval of the Foundation.
Information and data regarding Balanced Nutrition Education Survey in the offical web sites and other accounts of the Foundation without written authorisation of the Foundation.


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