Celebrating 1 Million Books!

Sabri Ülker Foundation, which aims to inform the public on food, nutrition, and health and develops projects accordingly, continues its publishing activities, one of the most important tools for informing society, at full steam.

Offering reference works from Turkey and abroad in Children's Books, Academic and Popular Science categories to readers, Sabri Ülker Foundation Publications focuses on books for children in particular. 

Sabri Ülker Foundation Publications started its activities in the field of publishing, which is one of the most important tools in informing the society, aiming to deliver the books it publishes to all members of the society with the slogan of "Let's get everyone reading".

Our books reached more than 10 million people throughout Turkey in less than a three year. 

The books of Sabri Ülker Foundation Publications which publishes the best examples in Turkish that convey the scientific facts about healthy living from children's language, are brought together with the little ones at sales points. Books and children's books, sold in all Şok Markets, are printed with food ink that is not harmful to health. 

The delightful stories in the series, which consists of the books 'Sen Harikasın' 'Tarçın’ın Kabuğu,' 'Üç Küçük Kuş,' and 'Zürafa Yardım İstiyor,’ prepared by the American Psychological Association (APA) and aiming to contribute to the personal development of children, meet with children with impressive visual narratives. The series, which is designed in a language that is beneficial for child development and that children can understand, also includes special notes for parents. 

Written by Specialist Psychologist Nazlı Toraman Aydın, İpek ve Duygu Defteri”, “Öykü ve Düsünce Balonları”, “Roro ve Cesaret Anahtarı” and “Yumuk ve Öfke Şisesi’’, consisting of the stories "Fist and Sound of Anger", aims to draw attention to the importance of awareness and self-expression. Nazlı constructs her books as a tool for child-parent communication. Each of Toraman Aydın's stories takes children on a delightful journey. Not only that, it also contains information and thoughts that educate and teach.

In Bad Advice, Paul A. Offit shares his wisdom on the dos and don'ts of combating misinformation. In this book, Offit tackles science and pseudoscience, discussing not only the ideas fueled by cunning quacks and their "miracle" cures, but also corrosive and dangerous ideologies such as Holocaust and climate change denial. Bad Advice is certainly a unique guide for readers disturbed by the rise in political attacks on science.

From talking about science to engaging the public, from science education to science journalism, ‘’Bilim İletişimi’’ addresses recent trends and changes in science communication.
Combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, focusing on the core of the subject, and providing a coherent and comprehensible overview, ‘’Bilim İletişimi’’offers professionals and students of the field an up-to-date guide equipped with the essential knowledge, strategies, and perspectives they will need.

Our book "Hayatın İpuçları 3: Zor Konuların Yalın Anlatımı," which includes the views of successful businessman Murat Ülker in various fields from management to corporate communication and marketing, from science and technology to health and nutrition, took its place on the shelves.

The books by Sabri Ulker Foundation Publications are available in all Şok Markets and all bookstore.


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