Our foundation takes the highest-level security measures possible to protect your privacy and ensure that your personal data is collected, stored and shared in accordance with the law. Pursuant to Article 10 of the Personal Data Law Protection Law, our aim is to inform you in the clearest way possible of the ways in which your personal data is collected, how it is processed, with whom it is shared, the legal reasons for this, and your rights in connection with the aforementioned.

a) Data Controller
As per the Personal Data Law Protection (Law No. 6698), your personal data will be collected and may be processed by the Sabri Ülker Food Institute Foundation (the “FOUNDATION”) as data controller as disclosed below.
b) How Your Personal Data Will Be Processed
The FOUNDATION may collect personal data in the categories of name, surname and contact information.
Your personal data will be collected in accordance with the terms and purposes for processing personal data as set out in Articles 5 and 6 of Law No. 6698 to:
- Contact you, if you shared your personal data with the FOUNDATION through the contact segment and execute processes regarding your requests and suggestions for services, - Deliver our newsletter containing informative content about ongoing projects to you, in case you shared your personal data to the FOUNDATION through the information segment,
- Offer you FOUNDATION products and services, fulfill our obligations to you, organize records and documents, or to comply with information storage, reporting, disclosure and other obligations as set out by legal regulations,
- Comply with information storage, reporting, and disclosure obligations as imposed by official authorities, and fulfill the FOUNDATION’s legal obligations in connection with the use of these services,
- Review, evaluate and respond to requests from you or from official authorities.
c) Who We May Send Processed Personal Data to and Why Within the strict confines of fulfilling the purposes above, your collected personal data may be transferred in accordance with the terms and purposes of processing personal data as set out in Articles 8 and 9 of Law 6698 to: - Legally authorized public institutions and organizations, administrative authorities and legal authorities,
- Real persons or legal entities who are responsible for our communication activities, and whose services we use to send you messages containing our newsletter notifications.
d) Method of and Legal Reason for Collecting Personal Data The FOUNDATION collects your personal data via our website for the purposes expressly stated above, pursuant to regulations and on condition that it is expressly provided for by law, that your personal data will be processed within the scope of “It is necessary for the institution, usage, or protection of a right” and “personal data have been made public by the data subject himself/herself.”
e) The Rights of Personal Data Owners as Listed in Article 11 of Law 6698
As a personal data owner, should you submit a request regarding your rights to the FOUNDATION via the methods set out below, the FOUNDATION will finalize your request as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest, depending on the nature of the request. Thereunder, personal data owners have the right to:
• Learn whether or not their personal data has been processed,
• Request information regarding their processed personal data, if any,
• Learn why their personal data was processed, and whether it was used in compliance with the intended purpose,
• Learn the identities of any foreign or domestic third persons with whom their personal data was shared,
• Request rectification and action to inform third parties with whom their personal data was shared in cases where their personal data has been incompletely or incorrectly processed,
• Request the deletion or destruction of personal data and request that third parties with whom their personal data was shared be informed of this deletion in cases where the reasons why personal data was processed has been removed, even if this personal data was processed in accordance with Law 6698 and other applicable regulatory provisions,
• Object to any detrimental consequence that may arise from data analyzed exclusively by automatic systems,
• Request remedial action in case of damage incurred due to the unlawful processing of their personal data. You may submit your request to exercise your rights as set out above in writing and in Turkish, or by using a registered electronic mail (REM) address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or by an electronic mail address previously reported to the Foundation and registered in our system, as per paragraph 1 of Article 13 of Law 6698 Communique 30356 of March 10, 2018 on the Procedures and Principles for Applications to Data Controllers. The Foundation reserves the right to verify your identity before responding.

Your application must include:

a) Your first name, last name, and for written applications, your signature,
b) Your Turkish I.D. Number for citizens of the Republic of Turkey, or your nationality, passport number or identification number, if any, for foreigners,
c) Your primary residential or business address for notification services,
d) Your primary electronic mail address, phone and fax number, if any, for notification services,
e) The subject of your request, and information and documents related to the subject, if any.
You can submit your written applications to our FOUNDATION’s address at Kısıklı Mahallesi, Ferah Caddesi, No: 2/4 Üsküdar / Istanbul or send them to
Complete and accurate information and documentation regarding the subject of your request must be provided to us. If not, the FOUNDATION may experience problems conducting a full and qualified inquiry in connection with your request. In such cases, the FOUNDATION hereby declares that it reserves its rights under law. Therefore, your application must be accompanied by any and all required information and documents regarding the subject of your request.


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