Water or other beverages are important in the maintaining of body water balance. It must be provided from the clean water resources for the life.
Functions of the water/fluid in the body :

- Digestion of foods we ate and absorption of the nutrients and also their transportation to the cells,
- Creation of necessary biochemical reactions in the cells for life and health,
- Functioning of cells, tissues, organs and systems,
- Transportation and discharge of harmful substances formed during metabolism,
- Providing the regulation of body temperature,
- Providing the lumbrication of the joints.

All components of human body except bone, skin, connective tissue and fat is in a solution in the fluid of body. The smallest vital units of the body are cells. All the biochemical reactions required for life in the cells are formed in this solution. Implementation of the cells’ vital activities and so body functions are possible with the maintenance of fluid balance of the body. The prevention of this balance is called “hydration”. Fluid balance of the body is ensured by drinking water and beverages and eating water containing foods, such as fruits and vegetables, which is lost by respiration, urination, perspiration and excretion.

How and in what amount is the water discharged from the body?

In order to secure the body-temperature balance and discharge the harmful substances formed with the consumption of foods:
There is a total daily loss of water about 2.5 liters;
From the kidneys approximately 1500 mL/day
From the skin approximately 500 mL/day
From the intestines approximately 300 mL/day
With the respiration approximately 300 mL/day
Doing heavy physical activities, hot weathers, consuming more protein or salty foods cause the loss of fluid by the way of perspiration and urination and during the disease that increase body heat cause the loss of liquid by the way of respiration and in the diarrhea loss of liquid is performed by the way of intestines. In these situations, there is an increase in the water/liquid need of the body. There is a vital importance in the balancing of water in the body. In order to secure this balance, this water must be substituted. Thirst focus of the brain is stimulated and feeling of thirst develops for compensating the water loss. Thirst is stimulated when the plasma density is increased by 1% because of water loss. Feeling of thirst may not be developed in the diarrhea because the minerals such as sodium and potassium which take role in the water balance, are lost with the water.

How the water need is met?

The person supplies his water need by:
Drinking water 1200 - 1500 mL/day
Food and beverages 1000 mL/day
Water created by metabolism 260 mL/day


- Water and bveragesare important in securing body-water balance.
- We must drink water which is a vital element for life, from healthy and clean sources.
- Man can live for days without eating food, but living for days without water is impossible.
- Especially in the diarrhea, salt and sugar containing liquid is a life-saver. The statement of, flowing water doesn’t get dirty, is wrong. For the reason that the microorganisms which kill people, are invisible, lucid vision of the water doesn’t show that it’s safe. Suspicious water must be drunk after being boiled and cooled. Boiled water must be ventilated by transferring it from container to container several times.
- Drinkable tap water must be used after flowing it a few minutes.

Dietary Guideline for Turkey, 2014


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