Be Aware of What You Eat as a Snack!

Healthy snacks between meals help you to balance your diet, regulate your blood sugar, and feel more energetic. Snacks (preferably carbohydrates) can provide energy, vitamins, and minerals you need if you are hungry between meals, or if there is a long time between meals. Use the "Healthy Eating Plate" to choose healthy snack options. The "Healthy Eating Plate" shows which food groups you need, and how much of each you need for a various and balanced diet. Make sure the snacks you choose supports the other foods you eat during the day. Choose your snack from a food group you have not eaten that day. For example, if you had bread, cheese, and fruit juice for breakfast, yogurt would be a good snack option. If you had cereal with milk for breakfast, fruit would support your nutritional needs well. sağlıklı atıştırma

The foods in this group contain plenty of carbohydrates and provide the energy you need throughout the day. It is best to consume them before or after physical exercise. Cereals, grains and potatoes group is low in fat. Whole grain foods also provide the fiber and minerals you need.

Try one of these snack options:

- Sandwiches made with whole wheat or whole grain bread and cheese
- Whole grain breakfast cereal and milk
- Whole wheat or rye toast
- A bowl of soup
- A handful of chickpeas

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

- A handful of dried fruit
- Carrot or cucumber
- 1-2 slices melon or pineapple
- A handful grapes

The foods in this group are a good source of protein and calcium:

- A bowl of yogurt
- Breakfast cereal with milk
- Fruit drinks made with milk or yogurt

The foods in this group are high in protein and contain nutritional elements that are important for health:

- A handful of raw, salt-free dried fruit
- A sandwich with a thin slice of lean chicken or turkey
- Salad with meat, chicken, or fish such as tuna or salmon

This food group occupies the smallest part of the "Healthy Nutrition Plate." It is recommended that foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar should be consumed in balanced quantities.

British Nutrition Foundation


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