Adequate and Balanced Picnic Box

Warm summer days are great opportunity for enjoying outdoor picnics, even if we get exhausted from the heat. Whether in the garden or in the parks, everybody enjoys picnics. After deciding the location of the picnic, the second matter is to decide the content of the picnic box. When getting prepared for a picnic that on the outside along with plenty of activity, people tend to get more food than needed.

What should we keep in mind to while preparing a picnic boxt, in order to avoid indigestion or any digestive problems, so that we enjoy the nature? Which foods are essential, how to keep the balance? Which points are important while preparing and cooking for the picnic? Here are our recommendations to enjoy your picnic!

Picnic and barbecue: always together

It is very pleasant to enjoy together the food, however, you should be careful when cooking meatballs, chops, steak, chicken wings, fish and sausage on the barbecue. When cooking, oil and water melting from the meats to the coal may lead to the loss of some vitamins and minerals. Some harmful compounds, which are carcinogenic, can also be formed when the meat is exposed to the smoke of the burnt coal. Thus, the meat should not be too close to the fire when getting cooked. If you prepare the meats in small pieces, the cooking period shortens, hence, the loss of vitamins and minerals, as well as the risk of harmful compounds, are reduced.

Set the largest place in your picnic box to the fresh fruits and vegetables

Set the largest place to fresh fruits and vegetables. Along with the barbecue, you may serve salads and fruits or you can make a delicious salad by barbecuing summer vegetables such as potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

Do not leave your food for more than two hours outside the fridge

In summer, the majority of food poisoning incidents are caused by foods that are not stored at refrigerator temperature. When the period of outside the fridge exceeds 2 hours, microorganisms can multiply in the food. Meat, milk products such as yogurt, eggs, mayonnaise or other sauces should be kept cold in a thermal bag or icebox.

Do not skip to drink water and liquids

You should drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water during hot days of summer. You may choose lemonade, freshly squeezed fruit juices or mineral water to support your fluid intake. Fluid consumption will ensure that we regain the minerals that we lost when sweating so that we can feel energetic. Make sure you have enough water and liquid on your way to the picnic!


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