Athlete Nutrition Seminars” begin at TFF Ülker Football Village

“Football Projects for Children,” a TFF-ÜLKER Football Villages initiative, open its doors to the stars of the future for the 9th time. Seven volunteer dietitians will deliver a “Nutritional Seminar for Athletes” to young participants from across Turkey at this program organized by the Sabri Ülker Foundation in collaboration with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG). The Seminar discusses answers to questions such as "What is a Proper Balanced Nutrition?", "Why is Nutrition Important for Athletes?" , "What is the Best Nutrition Recipe for Athletes?", and "The Importance of Fluid Intake for Athletes," with the young athletes. The seminar will also strive to convey the message that “You can eat anything, as long as there is balance,” in an enjoyable and informative way to the 40 athletes from every province, for instance, through animated movies and puzzles.

TFF-ÜLKER Football Villages “Football Projects for Children” Seminar Calendar:
Camp City Camp Date
Kuşadası-Boys July 30, 2015
Erzurum-Boys July 30, 2015
Nevşehir-Girls July 30, 2015
Sinop-Boys August 9, 2015
Isparta-Boys August 9, 2015
Sakarya-Boys August 13, 2015
Nevşehir-Boys August 13, 2015
İstanbul-Girls August 13, 2015
Erzurum-Girls August 13, 2015
Elazığ-Boys August 16, 2015