Are You Ready For Winter?

If the effect of sun is felt less, if it is impossible to sit on the balcony without wearing a sweater, and if schools have also opened, we start hearing the footsteps of winter. On television and newspapers, specialists talk about common cold epidemics and what should be done day after day. Chinese flu, bird flu, swine flu and effects of these epidemics become a part of our daily talks. Runny noses, paper napkins, coughs regularly heard in public transport vehicles are the distinctive signs of winter. Homes are never short of linden tea with cinnamon or chicken broth soup. While warmness when entering from freezing cold into home, nostalgia of evenings with piping-hot chestnuts, and the excited waiting for the first snow feed our souls, we should not forget to feed our inner body before and during winter. So, how should we prepare for winter?

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Here are some recommendations for you:

Meet the probiotics: Probiotics are microorganisms in our digestive system. Though they are very tiny, their effects on the body and especially the immune system are huge. In fact, recent studies indicate that regular probiotic intake may prevent symptoms such as fever, cold, and sniffles in winter especially in children. The best probiotic-containing foods are yogurt and kefir. Try eating these two foods on a daily basis.

Do not forget Vitamin C: Vitamin C is believed to reduce some symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose, etc. especially in autumn or when you feel you start having flu/cold. In addition to citrus fruits such as orange and tangerine, kiwi, dark green leafy vegetables (rocket, lettuce, parsley, etc.) and potatoes are rich in Vitamin C.

Don't mind the smell of garlic: Though we abstain from eating garlic, we should, in fact, try to benefit from this wonderful food that protects us against viruses. Do not forget to add garlic to your sauces, foods, and salads.

Echinacea is good: Echinacea is a strong plant in fighting against common cold. It is especially efficient in protection against upper respiratory infections. You may take either echinacea tea or echinacea supplements, upon your physician's recommendation.

Minerals are important: Especially zinc and selenium play a significant role in improving the immune system. Shellfish, red meat, whole-grain bread, and cereals are rich in zinc. Selenium may be found in sunflower seeds, molasses, and canned tuna. Take care of having a diversified diet. Get detailed information on minerals, which are found in the body in small quantities but have huge functions.

Take advantage of oil: Oil content (i.e., omega-3) in walnuts, fish, avocado, hazelnuts, or almonds are known to improve body resistance and immunity. You may benefit from the power of all this oil content by eating fish in main meals and taking almonds and walnuts as snacks or adding them in your salads.

A new discovery - Vitamin D: Your are lucky in winter if you took abundant advantage of sun rays in summer. Studies show that those who made the most of sun rays in summer are less likely to catch infections or flu/common cold in winter. Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with respiratory infections. In addition to the sun rays as the most important source, salmon and tuna also contain Vitamin D. For all other vitamins and their effects on the body:

No diet, but healthy lifestyle: In addition to all these protective measures, do not forget an adequate and balanced diet. Regardless of winter or summer, take care of food diversity, do exercise, and sleep well!

If you have runny nose, coughs, or fever, see a doctor and take your medications regularly.
Wishing you a winter full of healthy and happy moments to share...

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