Take Charge Of Your Weight Management!

The best way to balance your energy levels is to consume food in line with daily requirements. These are set according to age, sex, your level of physical activity and physiological factors such as if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. To maintain a certain body weight, the energy you take in through your daily diet must be equal to the energy you spend. If you consume more energy than you use up, your body weight will increase; in other words, you will gain weight. Similarly, if through your diet you take in less energy than you expend, your weight will decrease. People often try to lose weight quickly, especially in the summer months, leading them to low-calorie “yo-yo diets.” However, these restrictive diets cause the metabolism to slow down, resulting in fast weight gain once a person goes back to his or her regular diet. Another consequence of such eating patterns is that the metabolism becomes even slower in the aftermath of the diet, pushing the body into a vicious cycle. So, how should we manage our weight? We put together some recommendations we thought might be helpful for you.

Love your body and take good care of it. Each person has a distinct genetic makeup and body structure. You can manage your weight; however, do this with an awareness that there is no one single body type. Primarily, love the body you see when you look in the mirror, and then try to achieve your ideal weight.
Regulate your weight through a light eating plan. You may choose a less heavy alternative for your meal. Opt for healthy cooking methods such as steaming, stewing or baking instead of frying or roasting in lots of oil. Limiting the amount of fat in your diet, reducing your daily calorie intake and eating more fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts also helps weight management efforts.
Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Eating these five times a day assists you to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary weight gain. Selecting a vegetarian dish for main course and fruit for a snack will help you have a healthy body.
Physical activity is key to controlling your weight. Furthermore, it reduces your risk of metabolic diseases, protects your cardiovascular health and helps your joints and muscles to work better. To prevent excess weight gain, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 60 minute of daily physical activity for children and 150 minutes each week for adults. So, start taking in oxygen with outdoor walks or do your favorite exercise.
Minimize stress in your life. The appetite is suppressed when the body is under serious physical threat, or in the case of high stress levels. Pressure from our business or private life may be less intense, but it can last longer. Most people under this kind of stress tend to eat more than normal. Thus, taking anxiety out of your life is one of the most important steps to take for a healthy diet and weight management.
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