Myths About Flu and Cold

False: If you feel good, you wont transmit the virus to others.
True: 20-30 percent of people infected with the influenza virus do not show any symptoms.
False: If you don’t dress warmly when its cold, go outside with wet hair, or sleep in drafty rooms, you can catch the flu.
True: The only way to catch the flu is by getting the influenza virus. Seasonal flu usually coincides with cold weather. Therefore, there is a common misconception that cold weather causes the flu.
False: Eat more if you have a cold, eat less if you have a fever.
True: If you have a cold or the flu, you need more fluid. It is normal to have no appetite when you are sick. Eating less or more will not affect your cold. By increasing your fluid intake and eating adequately and healthily during these periods, you can be protected from the flu and also recover faster if you are sick.
False: Chicken soup speeds recovery if you have the flu.
True: Warm drinks can relieve throat pain and help you meet your increased fluid needs Apart from that, except the psychological effect of chicken soup served by a compassionate hand, it has not a feature as improving the flu.
False: If you have a flu with fever that lasts longer than two days, antibiotic treatment is necessary.
True: Antibiotics are effective on bacteria. They are ineffective on the viruses that cause the flu. However, infections that accompany the flu can develop in some people. Therefore, track your symptoms and definitely consult a physician before starting antibiotics.
False: Taking vitamin C as additional support will improve your symptoms.
True: Studies show that vitamin C support does not treat the flu. Research on what amount of daily vitamin C intake will help to treat the flu is inadequate.

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