Average of 6 % of adult body is composed of minerals. Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are building structures of skeleton and teeth. Others (sodium, potassium) enable body water balance. Some minerals (like iron) are required to carry oxygen which is obligatory for energy production. Some of them (zinc, selenium) are used for defence system adequacy. Minerals


Iron deficiency is one of the most important problems for women in fertility period. The average iron intake in this period is 9.9 mg, whilst the recommended intake is 18 mg. You can combat iron deficiency by consuming meat, egg, leafy green vegetables, whole grains and dry fruits.


Zinc deficiency in elementary school children is very prominent. The recommended daily zinc intake is 11mg for 9-11 year old boys, whilst it is 10 mg for girls. Zinc-rich nutrients are meat, liver, egg, sea food, dry legumes and nuts.

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