What is to be done about food safety in warmer weather?

Hot weather brings with it the risk of food going bad and frequent cases of food poisoning. Particularly in the summer months, avoid eating street food; do not leave out foods that spoil easily such as meat, eggs, milk and fish; and pay attention to hygiene when preparing meals. If the temperature rises in the kitchen as well, be sure to check the internal temperature of the fridge. Foods can be kept fresh longer by avoiding opening and closing the fridge door too often and by making sure it’s closed tight.
yaza hazırlık

Frequently Asked Questions. Could you advise me how to store food properly in the fridge? http://www.eufic.org/page/en/page/FAQ/faqid/store-food-properly-in-the-fridge/
Nutrition during summer, Ministry of Health; http://beslenme.gov.tr/index.php?lang=tr&page=113


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