The Five Food Groups for a Balanced Diet

Foods in this group:Wheat, rye, oats and corn, flat bread, pasta, vermicelli, bulgur, semolina, filo pastry and wheat and rice flour.

Main nutrients:Carbohydrates, fiber, iron and B group vitamins.

Message:Eat every day as needed as a source of energy.

Suggestions: Try to choose those that are whole or multi-grain, whole wheat or rye..

Foods in this group:Fresh, frozen, dried and canned fruit and vegetables.

Main nutrients: Vitamin C, carotenes, follic acid, fiber and carbohydrates.

Message: Eat at least five serves a day.

Suggestions:Include a variety of fruit and vegetables.

Foods in this group:Milk, cheese, yogurt, ayran, cacık and kefir.

Main nutrients: Calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and vitamins A and

Message: Consume as much as you need every day.

Suggestions: Choose semi-skimmed or non-fat milk, yogurt and your favorite cheese in accordance with your health status.

Foods in this group:Meat, poultry such as chicken and turkey, fish, eggs, white beans, chickpeas and lentils.

Main nutrients: Iron, protein, B group vitamins (especially B12), zinc and magnesium.

Message: Consume as much as you need every day.

Suggestions: It is beneficial to remove the skin and fat from meat. Eat in moderation foods such as salami, other cured meats and sausages

What foods are included:
Foods in this group: Margarine, butter, olive oil, frying oils, salad dressings with oil, mayonnaise, cream, chocolate, biscuits, pudding, pastries, pound cakes, ice cream and heavy sauces.

Main nutrients: Certain oils such as olive oil contain fatty acids and vitamins necessary for the body.

Message: Consume in moderation.

Suggestions: Try to shop wisely by reading product labels. Be careful of how much salt and sugar you eat.


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