ILSI Europe’s Symposium Nutrition for the Ageing Brain Moving Towards Clinical Applications

Balanced Nutrition Test Research of Sabri Ülker Foundation attached great attention at the Symposium of International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe in Madrid!

Sabri Ülker Foundation shared the results of the Balanced Nutrition Test Research at the Symposium of “ Nutrition for the Ageing Brain: Moving Towards Clinical Applications” on August 30-31, 2018.

Nutrition for Ageing Brain: Moving Towards Clinical Applications” is organized by the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe, titles of healthy ageing, cognitive functions and dementia, effects of nutrients and nutritional habits on brain ageing progress are discussed with academicians and participants from non-governmental organizations. While the effect and importance of nutrition on cognitive function during the ageing process was emphasized, it was pointed out that brain-friendly foods may play a key role in the future in the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer and risk of dementia which increases with ageing. arch, it was once again underlined that adequate and balanced eating habits encouraged through nutrition education in the early years of life can be effective in preventing obesity at a later age.

Sabri Ülker Foundation Underlined the Status of Brain-Friendly Foods Consumption with Balanced Nutrition Test Research.

Balanced Nutrition Test which was adapted to Turkish language and eating habits from the “Self-Check” program developed by Institut für Ernaehrung und Praevention & Hohenheim University, allows assessment of nutrition and physical activity status while also assessing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases according to eating habits and life style was presented to the science world.

The Foundation assessed the consumption of brain-friendly foods such as fish, raw dried nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables of 3345 adults who had completed the Balanced Nutrition Test between January 2015 -November 2017. The results on consumption of brain-friendly nutrients in Turkey, presented by the Foundation attracted great attention at the symposium.

“83% of adults do not consume vegetables enough and 78% do not consume fruits enough!”

All scientific authorities, especially World Health Organization (WHO), recommend the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits every day for adequate and balanced nutrition. According to the Balanced Nutrition Test Research, it was found that 83% of the individuals who completed the Balanced Nutrition Test did not ensure this recommendation for vegetables and 78% for fruits. Especially, daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, in which contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and polyphenols, is important for brain health and healthy life in adequate and balanced nutrition.

“Only half of adults eat fish in the recommended amounts!”

Fish should be placed at least 1-2 times per week in adequate and balanced nutrition because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and selenium, rich in protein and low in saturated fat content. According to Balanced Nutrition Test research, one in every two people cannot provide this recommendation. In adequate and balanced nutrition, fish consumption supports overall health in particular cognitive functions and cardiovascular health.

Other prominent results are as follows: It is determined that 16% participants in Balanced Nutrition Test Research did not consume raw dried nuts, which are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, whereas only 1 out of 3 people consumed herbal protein and fiber source dried legumes.

“People should be informed about brain-friendly foods.”

The remarkable results of the Balanced Nutrition Test research emphasize the importance of raising awareness of individuals about brain-friendly foods to support the brain and cognitive functions along with a healthy ageing process and explaining these nutrients as an important part of an adequate and balanced nutrition.


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