The Sabri Ülker Foundation Asked: Salted or Salt-Free?

Sabri Ülker Foundation hosted a scientific session at the “20th National Congress of Hypertension and Renal Diseases” held in Cyprus on March 9-13 and talked about excessive salt consumption within the scope of the awareness campaign “Reduce Excess Salt, Extend Your Life” launched in March.

Dean of the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Bülent Altun, Lecturer of Hacettepe University Department of Internal Medicine Department Nephrology Prof. Dr. Yunus Erdem, Head of the Turkish Society of Hypertension and Renal Diseases Prof. Dr. Ülver Derici and General Manager of Sabri Ülker Foundation Begüm Mutuş attended as a speaker. It was mentioned that the excessive salt consumption is a significant threat to the public health, and that the average salt intake in our country reached 3 times of the recommended upper limit, excessive salt consumption and related hypertension and other chronic diseases at the the session.

Prof. Dr. Ülver Derici, the Head of the Turkish Society of Hypertension and Renal Diseases, gave remarkable information about hypertension awareness and control. Prof. Derici mentioned that one of the three deaths is caused by hypertension according to the data of Turkish Ministry of Health, and added “In Turkey, the prevalence of hypertension is 32.3% in females and 28.4% in males. Hypertension is seen more frequently in women than in men. However, awareness is higher in women than in men. 41% of men and 67% of women have hypertension awareness. Throughout society, 45.3% of the individuals with hypertension are not aware of their condition”.

Prof. Dr. Bülent Altun, Dean of the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, mentioned the importance of salt consumption in a healthy lifestyle and said: “The prevention of excessive salt consumption might play an important role in reducing high blood pressure and chronic illnesses in the heart, brain and kidneys that might occur because of high blood pressure. Excessive salt consumption might also increase the risk of stomach cancer, osteoporosis and other heart health problems by causing a toxic effect regardless of the blood pressure”.

Begüm Mutuş, general manager of Sabri Ülker Foundation, gave information about the awareness campaign “Reduce Excess Salt, Extend Your Life” launched by the Sabri Ülker Foundation in March 2018 and activities that support the public nutrition and health and healthy life style.


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