Popular Diets can cause Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

One out of Every Nine has Hidden Hunger in the World!

Sabri Ülker Foundation hosted the scientific session titled “Popular Diets and its Relation with Hidden Hunger” in 4th International Congress of Hidden Hunger which was organized in Stuttgart, Germany.

In this session where the relation of diets and “hidden hunger” defined as vitamin and mineral deficiencies was analyzed, it was stated that the news about popular diets on the communication channels could mislead the individuals and would cause serious health problems.

Also, in this session, where the works of Sabri Ülker Foundation’s “For Accurate Science” Platform which provides scientific and accurate information on nutrition and health, are discussed. It was emphasized that the governments allocated a budget of $ 2 trillion annually for health problems caused by Hidden Hunger.

Sabri Ülker Foundation hosted a scientific session at the “20th National Congress of Hypertension and Renal Diseases” held in Cyprus on March 9-13 and talked about excessive salt consumption within the scope of the awareness campaign “Reduce Excess Salt, Extend Your Life” launched in March.

Sabri Ülker Foundation continues its projects in order to contribute to awareness of the people about nutrition and healthy life and provide the accurate and scientific information to the people, hosted the scientific session titled “Popular Diets and its Relation with Hidden Hunger” in the 4th International Congress of Hidden Hunger.

In the 4th International Congress of Hidden Hunger which was organized in Stuttgart, Germany with the title of “Hidden hunger and the transformation of food systems: How to combat the double burden of malnutrition?”” information about hidden hunger, with which one out of every nine struggles in the world, was shared with the participants.

The session was held with the participation of Prof. Hans Konrad Biesalski, Head of Department Biological Chemistry and Nutrition, Hohenheim University; Laura Fernández Celemín, General Director of European Food Information Council (EUFIC); Selen Tokcan, Sabri Ülker Foundation Communications and Sustainability Director, and Prof. Dr. Ali Atıf Bir. While the relation of Hidden Hunger and popular diets was discussed in this session, the importance of the public awareness about health news based on scientific information was underlined.

For Accurate Science Platform which is the first digital scientific information platform of Turkey, Sabri Ülker Foundation, which disseminates the scientific news gathered from national and international science-based references in the fields of health and nutrition to the public, produces and implements projects to struggle with misinformation in these fields.

The unconscious diets may cause serious health problems

Hidden Hunger has an important position on the health agenda of the world. Hidden Hunger which can be caused by overnutrition or malnutrition is defined as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. When the people aren’t nourished adequately , independently from energy-protein intake, the Hidden Hunger can arise, and it may cause a lot of serious health problems. The Hidden Hunger which might occur on the conditions of either malnutrition or overnutrition effects the individual’s immune system, prevent the physical and mental development and even, may result in death.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are risk for public health

The health impacts of popular diets such as the DASH diet, detox, low-carbohydrate and high-fat diets, intermittent fasting and clean nutrition were discussed, and the relation of popular diets and Hidden Hunger was emphasized.

• Limited consumption of vegetable, fruit and whole grain on the low-carbohydrate and high-fat diets may cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
• Even if it is claimed that the detox diets remove toxins from the body within a short time and enable rapid weight loss, these diets can cause the essential vitamin and mineral values to go down below normal levels.
• Also, intermittent fasting also cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies; therefore, they may decrease the individual’s concentration, affect his/her mode negatively and cause fatigue.
DASH dietis based on consumption of foods with high saturated fat and sugar is limited and daily sodium intake must be maximum 2300 mg. If these diets aren’t performed regularly, they can cause serious deficiencies.

“Approximately half of the child deaths in the world are caused by Hidden Hunger”

In this session, it was emphasized to be must to struggle with hidden hunger for the future of community health care, and important information about Hidden Hunger was noted.

• The number of people who were nourished inadequately were almost 821 million in 2017. So, this figure accounts for 11% of the world population.
• The Hidden Hunger affects more than 2 billion people in the world.
• By 2030, it is estimated that the energy to be taken daily will gradually increase, however Hidden Hunger can be seen more frequently.
• Due to the vitamin A and zinc deficiencies, more than 1 million children under 5 years of age die every year.
• Malnutrition negatively affects 19 million children aged 5 and below in the world and causes approximately 1.5 million women and children to lose their lives every year.
• However, it is stated that if the children’s malnutrition is prevented, 45 out of every 100 child deaths can be prevented.
• Due to iodine deficiency during the pregnancy, about 20 million babies are born with the risk of mental retardation every year in the world.
• If the current Hidden Hunger state continue in the future, 450 million children may be facing the risk of stunting within 15 years.
• 2-3 percent of the global GNP is spent for the treatment and prevention of health problems caused by Hidden Hunger. In other words, approximately $ 1.4-2.1 trillion is spent in the world.
• The Hidden Hunger seen in childhood reduces learning abilities at school, and job performance in the future. Adults who were malnourished in their childhood earn 20 percent less than those who were well-nourished.


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