Istanbul National Nutrition and Dietetics Congress II

November 23-26, 2017I

Sabri Ülker Foundation continues to attend meetings and congresses with the mission of following scientific developments on nutrition and healthy life and disseminating to the public.
The Foundation also followed closely the 2nd Istanbul National Nutrition and Dietetics Congress organized by Okan University Nutrition and Dietetics Department with the support of Turkey Dietitians Association and Obesity & Dietetics Association.

Important Topics on Nutrition and Healthy Life

• The effects of behavior and factors such as excessive and unbalanced nutrition, inadequate physical activity, impaired circadian rhythm on the risk of many chronic diseases, especially obesity, were discussed and it was mentioned that how these risk factors can be controlled through lifestyle changes.
• The possible negative consequences of malnutrition and micronutrient element deficiencies that can be caused by gluten-free and lactose-free diets, which are among the most popular diets nowadays, were discussed. Discussing the relationship between nutrition and cognitive health, attention was drawn to the effect of nutrition on brain development for children and healthy cognitive functions for adults and elders.
• In addition to the effects of Vitamin D on bone and skeletal health, the importance of implementations about vitamin D deficiency and vitamin D supplements was emphasized.
• The importance of adequate and balanced nutrition and nutrient diversity for the health of mother and baby was emphasized.
• The importance of nutrition for meeting the needs and performance of child and adult athletes was emphasized while drawing attention to the conscious use of performance-enhancing (ergogenic) support products. Current nutrition approaches and treatments of diabetes, cardiovascular, renal diseases and eating disorder behaviors were evaluated.
Headings such as nutrigenetic, epigenetic and microbiota technologies which are current topics on nutrition science were evaluated and discussed in the light of current researches. At the congress, where the dieticians and other healthcare professionals participated, the importance of optimal nutrition for raising healthy generations and protection from diseases and current scientific developments in medical nutrition treatments were discussed in all aspects.


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